Intermediate level test

Welcome to your Intermediate level

NameBusinessEmailPhone Number
Please don’t listen   __________ him
John’s ___________________ of the three students.
English is the subject __________ the best.
How many ____________________ ?
Why _________________ yesterday?
Choose the correct answer
I was born __________
Choose the correct answer
You __________ if you don’t want to.
We arrived __________  England two days ago.
Will you  __________ take a holiday this year?
I’ve  __________ washed the floor. It’s wet!
He is the person  __________  serves you in a cafè.
You have worn these trainers  __________ 1988
I  __________ having lunch when she knocked at the door.
You should ___________ your homework.

Ottimo, hai completato il test Intermediate level. Tra poco vedrai il risultato, che ti verrà inviato anche via mail. In seguito, riceverai una mail con la valutazione e le indicazioni su quale sia il corso più adatto a te.